The Genesis 50:20 Collection: Sacred Layers - Unisex Genuine Leather Cross Bracelet

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$ 5.00



Step into a world where every layer of leather carries its own story of resilience and strength. Our "Sacred Layers" bracelet offers not just a stylish aesthetic but a daily reminder of the Genesis 50:20 principle that turns trials into triumphs. Skillfully crafted from genuine leather, this multi-layered bracelet features a cross symbol as its focal point, representing hope and a divine guide on your life's journey. Adjustable to fit all sizes, this unisex bracelet seamlessly merges faith with fashion, making it a versatile piece that speaks to your spirit.

Embrace your path and let this bracelet be your guiding emblem through the various layers of life.





Product Details: 
This bracelet is leather, expandable, and one size fits all.  


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