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Founded by Marica Phipps-Johnson, a mother of five and a resilient survivor of domestic abuse, Battered Not Broken, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to transforming lives. Born out of Marica's personal journey from victim to victor, our organization serves as a national pillar of support, empowerment, and education for victims and survivors of abuse.

We extend our reach not only to those in immediate crisis but also to those recovering from the physical, mental, and emotional wounds inflicted by abuse. Our mission goes beyond recovery; we aim to serve as a prevention tool for educators, first responders, and young adults. Through community workshops, programs, and resources, we are committed to breaking the cycle of abuse and laying the groundwork for healthier, happier futures.


Awareness is More Than Just a Word, It's a Commitment! 

Welcome to the Battered Not Broken, Inc. Empower & Advocate Marketplace. Our platform is a beacon of hope and empowerment, amplifying the voices of those silenced by domestic abuse. Designed with survivors, their loved ones, and advocates in mind, our marketplace offers a curated selection of inspirational and empowering items that aim to illuminate this vital issue.

From our signature t-shirts and sweatshirts to handcrafted jewelry and hand-poured soy candles, each product serves as a tangible symbol of strength, resilience, and awareness. The beauty of your purchase extends beyond the item itself: all proceeds are reinvested into our organization to fund essential support services, community programs, and educational workshops in schools, prisons, and various community settings.

When you make a purchase from our Empower & Advocate Marketplace, you're not just acquiring an item; you're contributing to a movement for change.

Please visit Battered Not Broken, Inc., to find out more our organization.




"I am a gracious survivor, grateful for the grace that got me through then and keeps me moving today.  I am proud of the strength that formed out of the ashes of my experiences, I am proud of my courage and survival skills that helped me to survive in the darkness and find the light of Gods unmerited grace and mercy that led me where I am today and where I'm going tomorrow. "   Marica Phipps-Johnson





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