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Battered Not Broken, Inc is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization; its Founder/CEO, Marica Phipps-Johnson, a mother of five children, is a survivor of domestic abuse. Marica established the organization from the experience of her journey through abuse and recovery.  Today, that vision is a reality that provides support, empowerment, and education for victims and survivors around the country as a resource for those currently in crisis or previously recovering from the physical, mental, and emotional trauma of abuse. Additionally, it serves as a prevention resource and tool for first responders, educators and young adults through community workshops and programs.


Awareness is a beautiful thing!

Battered Not Broken Awareness Shop offers awareness merchandise for the movement bringing a voice to the voiceless of domestic abuse. It is intended for victims, survivors, their loved ones and advocates supporting them through their journey. These beautiful, empowering inspirational gems found in our shop, shine a light and bring awareness to an epidemic that is impacting those that we love and care about. 

Our shop feature signature t-shirts, swestshirts, inspirational jewelry, hand-poured soy candles, and other one-of-a-kind items. The proceeds from the purchases of these items go right back into the organization to help support those in need, fund programs, and support groups in our schools, prisons, and communities.

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"I am a gracious survivor, grateful for the grace that got me through then and keeps me moving today.  I am proud of the strength that formed out of the ashes of my experiences, I am proud of my courage and survival skills that helped me to survive in the darkness and find the light of Gods unmerited grace and mercy that led me where I am today and where I'm going tomorrow. "  

Marica Phipps-Johnson








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