The Genesis 50:20 Grace Collection: Devion Harmony Dalmatian Jasper & Amazonite Charm Bracelet

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Embrace the divine power that transforms adversity into blessings. God has the ability to take what was intended for harm and turn it into a force for good—a beacon of hope not just for ourselves, but for others too. 
To honor this transformative truth, we've crafted the 'Redeeming Grace' collection. Each piece features the uplifting message of 'Genesis 50:20' alongside our signature 'Battered Not Broken' logo. seamlessly integrated into exquisitely chosen jewelry designs.
Experience inspiration and awareness as a form of beauty with this special collection.





Product  Details:

Material: Dalmatian Jasper and Amazonite

Amazonite is an extremely ancient gemstone that has been prized for its beauty and healing powers for many centuries.  Amazonite Rock is empowering, facilitating self-discovery, self-awareness, and the ability to embrace one's own integrity and truths. 

Amazonite properties are beneficial for people who are having trouble finding themselves and their spirituality. 

Spiritual healing in the areas of love and forgiveness is particularly supported with amazonite, as indicated by amazonite meaning. Working on letting go of anger, jealousy, and resentment is made easier with the use of Amazonite stone.

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Size: Around 18.5cm

This bracelet is expandable; one size fits most.

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