The Genesis 50:20 Collection: Lavender Light Convertible Rosary Bracelet

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$ 10.00



Experience the versatile beauty of our Lavender Light Convertible Rosary Bracelet, a standout piece from The Genesis 50:20 Collection. Elegantly crafted with two layers of glistening purple crystal beads, this unique piece can be worn as a wrap-around bracelet or used traditionally as a rosary.

Incorporating the Genesis 50:20 tag, it serves as a heartfelt reminder that life's challenges can transform into blessings. Whether you use it for prayer, wear it as an accessory to uplift your outfit, or gift it as a token of faith and resilience, this convertible rosary bracelet is as meaningful as it is stunning.






Product  Details:

This bracelet is expandable; one size fits all. 

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