Transformative Tokens: Purple Butterfly & Ribbon Keychain and Lapel Pin

Battered Not Broken Empower & Advocate Marketplace

$ 5.00

Carry a symbol of transformation, courage, and joy right in your pocket or on your lapel with our 'Transformative Tokens.' These keychains and pins come beautifully packaged in a small purple bag, making them a perfect gift idea for yourself or a loved one.

Butterfly Symbolism: In various cultures, the butterfly signifies change, resilience, and a sense of renewed life. A purple butterfly, in particular, urges us to maintain faith and courage in ourselves.

The Significance of Purple: Not only is purple the color of the Purple Heart in the military, but it's also a significant hue for survivors of Domestic Violence. It stands for peace, courage, survival, and a commitment to putting an end to violence.

These keychains and lapel pins embody all these values, making them more than just accessories. They are symbols of a greater journey and a constant reminder to remain strong and hopeful.

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